SWEETs 2015 - Thank you!

SWEETs15 is over. It was a great conference for a simple reason: when great people get together they create great meetings. SWEETs is the national meeting of the Swedish Society for Emergency Medicine, but this year’s meeting ended up being almost an international conference. We started with the NordFEM meeting on Monday. All the Nordic countries were well represented. It was inspiring to hear how far Iceland has come in the development of the specialty and wonderful to meet Jón Baldursson, who started the process. We rest assured that Sweden and the other Nordic countries will follow the same path.

We thank Rob Rogers, Michael Bond, Salim Rezaie and George Willis for bringing us the inspiration and tools to become better teachers. We thank Sa’ad Lahri, Kamil Vallabh and Jacques Malan for their fantastic ECG course and for sharing their stories from South African emergency medicine. We thank Helge Asbjørnsen for giving us the arguments to protect our patients from unnecessary cervical collars. We thank Natalie May for making children seem less scary in the ED. We thank Cliff Reid, Clare Richmond, Phil Hyde and Louisa Chan for showing us that critical care is an essential part of emergency medicine that we can learn to master with proper training. And of course all of the instructors for the critical care course: Thomas Dolven, Cornelia Härtel, John Litell, Natalie May, Niklas Jonsson, Peter Glans, Fredrik Granholm, James Sadock and Nicholas Aujalay.

There are too many people to thank to make this a post worth reading. The more people are mentioned, the more it becomes obvious that some are left out. To all the doctors and nurses who talked at SWEETs, whether up on stage or amongst yourselves during the fika breaks: Our sincerest gratitude to you for making SWEETs a fantastic conference!

Sweden is a developing country when it comes to emergency medicine. We share many of the frustrations with other countries. Let’s also share the resources so that African doctors can meet, learn and be inspired the way that we have. Watch this wonderful interview with Annet Alenyo. We can make a difference for African emergency physicians.

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Katrin Hruska, President of SWESEM